About Us


“By definition, CrossFit is constantly-varied, functional movement performed at high intensity.”

Need a little more than that? The purpose of CrossFit is to use a multitude of movements that are consistent with your daily activities. No two days at home or at work are exactly alike when it comes to physical activity. So why should our training in the gym be any different?

CrossFit is a fitness program and a community. We perform functional movements found in everyday life. We do not isolate one specific muscle but rather the whole body. Fitness can be defined many ways. We define it as “work capacity across broad time and modal domains,” _Greg Glassman, CEO CrossFit INC. The 3 modalities we deal with are, Weightlifting, Gymnastics and Metabolic conditioning. With CrossFit there is no greater benefit to quality of life or health.

“The single most important element left out of main stream fitness facilities is the neuromuscular component. “

CrossFit workouts concentrate on general physical skills, Cardiovascular endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance and Accuracy. Increasing your fitness and your GPP (General physical preparedness).


The community aspect of CrossFit is the most important. Suffering through a workout with a friend or fellow athlete drives competition. CrossFit is a sport in regards to competing with other athletes in your class. No matter what your intensity level the entire class performs the workout prescribed by the coach. However, we all do not have the same abilities or athleticisms so, we scale the workout to each individuals ability. This component of CrossFit is what makes it accessible to all ages, abilities, and skill levels.


Each class has a warm-up, a skill or strength portion followed by a WOD (workout of the day). After the wod is over the class writes their scores up on the Whiteboard. The competition is what drives us to do better. Imagine doing a workout by yourself. You would take a break, answer a text, talk to another person or somehow lengthen your rest period. NOT HERE. The CrossFit coach starts the clock and 3…2…1..GO! You perform the list of exercises right along side other athletes for the best time possible. Sometimes its for repetitions or maybe even rounds of a workout but its always competitive. We as human beings strive in a competitive atmosphere. This drive is what fuels CrossFit and pushes you to your best.


When you’re ready to get started we’ll be waiting. The first step is to complete the Beginners Course. This teaches you the 9 fundamental movements of CrossFit. The Beginners course starts with 4 private sessions to learn the basic movements and methodologies of CrossFit followed by a month of unlimited classes.  After completion of the beginners course you will be ready for CrossFit. STILL NOT SURE??? Come try a Foundations class for free Saturday mornings at 9am.  


The CrossFit Nauset difference. Recently moving into our almost 5000 sq ft facility, we now offer more to the athlete than just CrossFit. We have FitCamp, FemmeFit, FunFit, CrossFit, nutrition, and competitive adaptable programming. Come see if CrossFit Nauset has something for you.