Greetings.  I hope you find the “Appetite Anchor” stimulating and interesting as well as helpful.  Check out the weekly information to assist you in your fitness objectives.

Perhaps the best part of practicing our fitness routines is the excitement of our meals as we ask ourself, “What shall I eat?”  That is right, I mentioned the word excitement.   Let’s face it, we are dedicated to our bodies shape, appearance, and how we perform our fitness movements.

I have heard it said, “If you own a Maserati and you want it to perform well only use quality synthetic oil and high quality octane fuel in it”. In other words skip the discount gas!  Well that is what we should be doing when we feed our bodies.

So we ask ourselves, “what shall I eat and am I excited about it?”  I can guess, you are saying, “excitement? no way, it is frustrating!” I witness fitness peers mention that they struggle with nutrition and the correct food to eat.  It is time to change the behavior and your mindset if that is the case.  If you tell yourself,  I can’t eat this and that and you complain to others that there are so many foods you cannot have, you are doomed my fitness friends!  You need a new food attitude!  Having a positive approach to the foods we can eat and the variety is what will make you maintain the body composition and perform like a champion.

I have found that the food options and availability have never been better!  Check in next week for more information!

Remember to eat well, get results.

Tuesday July 11

July 11, 2017

It has been too long of a break from the last entry. My apologies to the followers who were seeking helpful information and updates.
Summertime is the best time to remind ourselves of the importance of good eating and healthy food choices, as we should continue to practice throughout the year. Now is the time that we have an abundance of fresh wonderful tasting produce. I hope many of you are out there with your own vegetable gardens, reaping the rewards of your hard work. If you haven’t had the time then don’t worry, there are local farmer’s markets that you can find on the internet as soon as you finish reading this. Local farmer’s markets are held in open air areas of local town gathering places or even parking lots. Many of us drive by them periodically and remind ourselves the we “were” going to shop there next time. No more excuses, get there, you wont be disappointed. Fresh tomatoes, squash, herbs, peppers, onions, varieties of lettuce and my personal favorite, local honey. The Mayan civilization treated honey like gold and it was their major trading commodity. By now you should have eliminated processed sugar and have been using honey to sweeten your tea, oatmeal, healthy snack bars and favorite morning glory muffins!. It is high in antioxidants and local honey from local bees will help reduce your reactions to floral and plant related allergies and common colds. In my experience the local farmers are great resources for nutritional and recipe information. Often they will let you know what they will have available for the upcoming weeks. If you can t make it to the farmer’s market try the local grocer and ask for local produce specials. Recently cultivated and picked peaches, corn, berries, tomatoes and potatoes are available. Even the watermelons are in abundance and are bursting in flavor. The availability and variety of summer produce must be taken advantage of to fulfill nutritional needs that partner with our fitness objectives. For more information on the nutrients of produce, follow this link: http://www.fruitsandveggiesmorematters.org/key-nutrients-in-fruits-and-vegetables. Remember to eat well, get results. Contact me for an interactive consultation.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

As the most recent holiday has come and gone, Many of us were around food temptations that challenged us again! This past holiday at least there were hard boiled eggs. It might have been hard to avoid those chocolate bunnies and jellybeans. Certainly we would have had to remained focused on our objectives and to question why we would eat unhealthy sugar loaded foods. Were these foods helpful for us to get stronger and perform our fitness objectives? Appetite discipline is the key to maintaining and building strength and body physique that supports fitness. Perhaps having a small cheat treat and not over indulge in the sugar loaded delights of holiday temptations is acceptable. We have to stay on the right path when it comes to social gatherings and parties and special holidays. We need to say ‘no thank you’ to unhealthy eating, as challenging as that may be. It’s not easy to be at events and to be around others who have chosen a different path. Preparing ourselves mentally in regards to healthy eating will allow us to celebrate and continue to eat well and get results. Contact me for a consultation.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Have you considered meal prepping?  Check out this link:http//mealprep.com.  Meal prepping is a great method for those who have time to prepare enough meals for several days.  Many of us struggle in making the best choices during the week when we are busy.  Not to mention the weekdays we do our fitness and find ourselves starving.  Some choose meal prep on Sundays.  It is the start of the week and a day off for many.  We take all that nutrient rich food we purchased at the store and make multiple portions and place in small labeled containers.  This is a great way to get organized appetite discipline.  We must make sure our meals are balanced with nutrients and enough calories to sustain us with the energy we need for our fitness demands as well as recovery.  After this complete meal is made, clone it for as many meals that will be needed for several days. Be sure to include those healthy snacks, low in sugar and powerfully packed with vitamin B and protein.  Eat well, get results.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Did you follow the triangle of sections on your latest venture at the grocery store? If you did then, we both Filled our baskets with Fresh produce, and the high sources of Proteins found in meats and fish. If you ventured off this path, Then Ask yourself before you bite into those other food items, “what will this do for me?”. Let’s Face it, there are a lot of delicious foods available to us. That is what marketing and research has worked on in the food service industry. Flavor! The goal for many food companies is to tantalize your taste senses. If it contains high sodium or high sugar and in some cases both then it will be great tasting! However in most cases these are the food items we should avoid. There are exemptions, to this guideline: sweet potatoes, sea salt, dark chocolate, fresh Blueberries to name a few. Otherwise processed salty and sweet items are void of nutrients and void of the energy supplements. Correct choices will successfully support our fitness objectives. Remember to eat well get results! Contact me for an Interactive consultation.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

By now we have made our decision! We are going to reduce and eventually eliminate foods that don’t serve us! Say… it “eliminate”! That means the foods that are real sweet or real salty and taste real good. Let’s face it when we eat those foods, we probably get more nutrients breathing the outside air than what’s in them. We need nutrient rich foods in order to perform successfully and continue to change our body’s physique. Here’s a challenge to see if you are ready for the new food attitude. Go to your favorite grocery store and head to the fresh vegetable and fresh meat and fresh fish sections only. Shop there getting all the you plan to eat and immediately proceed to check out. We can find all the items that we need here.  There is plenty variety and choices in these three sections alone. When we have the right food choices in our grocery bags, we will get the right results at the gym! Let’s see how you did when we check in next time.  Eat well, get results.