Did you follow the triangle of sections on your latest venture at the grocery store? If you did then, we both Filled our baskets with Fresh produce, and the high sources of Proteins found in meats and fish. If you ventured off this path, Then Ask yourself before you bite into those other food items, “what will this do for me?”. Let’s Face it, there are a lot of delicious foods available to us. That is what marketing and research has worked on in the food service industry. Flavor! The goal for many food companies is to tantalize your taste senses. If it contains high sodium or high sugar and in some cases both then it will be great tasting! However in most cases these are the food items we should avoid. There are exemptions, to this guideline: sweet potatoes, sea salt, dark chocolate, fresh Blueberries to name a few. Otherwise processed salty and sweet items are void of nutrients and void of the energy supplements. Correct choices will successfully support our fitness objectives. Remember to eat well get results! Contact me for an Interactive consultation.