By now we have made our decision! We are going to reduce and eventually eliminate foods that don’t serve us! Say… it “eliminate”! That means the foods that are real sweet or real salty and taste real good. Let’s face it when we eat those foods, we probably get more nutrients breathing the outside air than what’s in them. We need nutrient rich foods in order to perform successfully and continue to change our body’s physique. Here’s a challenge to see if you are ready for the new food attitude. Go to your favorite grocery store and head to the fresh vegetable and fresh meat and fresh fish sections only. Shop there getting all the you plan to eat and immediately proceed to check out. We can find all the items that we need here.  There is plenty variety and choices in these three sections alone. When we have the right food choices in our grocery bags, we will get the right results at the gym! Let’s see how you did when we check in next time.  Eat well, get results.