Have you considered meal prepping?  Check out this link:http//mealprep.com.  Meal prepping is a great method for those who have time to prepare enough meals for several days.  Many of us struggle in making the best choices during the week when we are busy.  Not to mention the weekdays we do our fitness and find ourselves starving.  Some choose meal prep on Sundays.  It is the start of the week and a day off for many.  We take all that nutrient rich food we purchased at the store and make multiple portions and place in small labeled containers.  This is a great way to get organized appetite discipline.  We must make sure our meals are balanced with nutrients and enough calories to sustain us with the energy we need for our fitness demands as well as recovery.  After this complete meal is made, clone it for as many meals that will be needed for several days. Be sure to include those healthy snacks, low in sugar and powerfully packed with vitamin B and protein.  Eat well, get results.