As the most recent holiday has come and gone, Many of us were around food temptations that challenged us again! This past holiday at least there were hard boiled eggs. It might have been hard to avoid those chocolate bunnies and jellybeans. Certainly we would have had to remained focused on our objectives and to question why we would eat unhealthy sugar loaded foods. Were these foods helpful for us to get stronger and perform our fitness objectives? Appetite discipline is the key to maintaining and building strength and body physique that supports fitness. Perhaps having a small cheat treat and not over indulge in the sugar loaded delights of holiday temptations is acceptable. We have to stay on the right path when it comes to social gatherings and parties and special holidays. We need to say ‘no thank you’ to unhealthy eating, as challenging as that may be. It’s not easy to be at events and to be around others who have chosen a different path. Preparing ourselves mentally in regards to healthy eating will allow us to celebrate and continue to eat well and get results. Contact me for a consultation.